Music Walk This Year


Photo courtesy of FortMyersRealEstate

One of the things that unite people of all walks of life is music. Friday the third will create another opportunity for people to forget any differences they may have and enjoy great music at the Music Walk event which takes place every month. This famous event takes place at Fort Myers in South Florida and brings over 2,000 music and art lovers together. The monthly event organized by River District Alliance features local and regional live bands in shops, restaurants, bars and patios in Fort Myers. Various genres of music are featured including jazz, drums, blues and rock among others. Once you attend the event, you will not want to leave. It is therefore advisable to book a hotel room in advance where you can spend the night.

Location: Center of Downtown Fort Myers (Hendry and First St.). You can get directions from Google Maps.
Performer Information: You can wait and be surprised at the event or you can contact the hosting venues for the information.
Parking: Various street parking lots and parking garages are available. Additionally, right across downtown Fort Myers, Valet services are available.

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Rage Against The Machine would take on The X Factor

Rage Against The Machine are going to become a winner of The X Factor. They are going to get to the first position.

The Facebook group tells to buy the Killing In The Name. Moreover, Killing In The Name attracted more than 45,000 users! The fans should buy the song on the December 13th, because this day the song of the winner of this year’s X Factor would be available.

The users of the Twitter support the band, thus Rage Against The Machine has a real chance to win!

The winner of The X Factor 2009 is set to release a cover of The Climb the Christmas single of Miley Cyrus.

The winner of the last year The X Factor Alexandra Burke released her variant of the Christmas song.

Moreover, we can see Burke with her song at the top of UK singles charts till this moment.

The Number One single of this year supposes to be announced on December 20

We would see if it’s going to be Rage Against The Machine.

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Jennifer Lopez shows her twins

The great actress and singer likes her 21-month-old children very much, thus she and her husband Marc Anthony like to show the pictures of their kids to everyone.
Jennifer told that they just could not stop doing that.

The twins are very important in singers life. The kids are everything for Lopez and her husband.
Jennifer is a real star and she sings the lullabies for her kids. That way she helps them to fall asleep.
But whispering in the kid’s ears works better.

Jennifer whispers how much she loves them and that is really workable thing
I guess that everyone would like to hear such whispering.

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Nelly Furtado Vs Madonna

Nelly Furtado would never mess with Madonna.

Furtado tells that she doesnt want exercise with a purpose to stop the aging process. But Madonna does. Moreover, Nelly would like just sit at her kitchen and eat instead of the physical workouts.
madonnaShe just told that she was not ready to adjust physically with the aim to be marketable!

Unlike Madonna, Nelly prefer to sit at her kitchen and eat biscuits with tea.
Probably Madonna should do some upper body training a little bit. Madonna is 50, but she still looks great and even better than some 20 years old girls. And that can say a lot about her!

People would like rather look like Madonna instead of sitting in the kitchen.
Am I right? How do you think?

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Paul McCartney on The X Factor

PaulPaul McCartney will appear on The X Factor live final.

It will be used the theme of The Beatles songs as a background for the show.
It would be fantastic to get Sir Paul for the final part of the X Factor show.
The Beatles composed the best songs, thus it would be a great ending of the show.

It appeared that McCartney teamed up with his Beatle bandmate Ringo Starr on the new solo album Y Not.

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Robbie Williams and new Take That studio sessions

RobbieRobbie Williams told that he joined Take That in the studio with the purpose to record new songs.
Williams joined his old group when he was at the London Royal Albert Hall for a Children In Need gig on
Thursday (November 12), thus that hints about the studio session seem to be true.
He told that the songs were incredibly great
Despite on that, the singer did not give more material about the new release.

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Chipmunk suffers exhaustion

ChipChipmunk would not meet the public some period of time, because he suffers exhaustion, follow the spokesperson.
Some time before, Chipmunk posted a strange suicidal content message on his page on Twitter, which
was afterward removed from that page.
The message contained the words: I want to die and Is suicide easy?. The spokesman of him told
that Chipmunk was suffering from exhaustion.
The raper worked very hard. He was finishing A- levels and was working on the new album. The young
raper generated good music career in such young age.
All upcoming promotions were canceled by Label and management to give the raper needed time off.
Sometime later Chipmunk wrote on Twitter: Thanks for the support. Ill be back soon!

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Michael Jacksons father goes to a court bid for money

JacksonJoe Jackson requests an allowance from the estate of Michael Jackson.
The 81 year-old father told that Michael supported him before his last days. The oldest Jackson requires $20,000 a month but he gets $1,700 only in state benefits. He told he had to pay for his Las Vegas home, air travel, hotel accommodation, meals out. Thus, his outgoings are more than $1,700.
Moreover, the lawyers of Joe Jackson told that the star’s estate earned $100m since his death
A monthly payment to Michaels mother and children was approved last month but his father was omitted
Thus, a hearing of the assessing of Michaels father will take place next year.
Anyway, it was a very surprising request for a lawyer for the administrators of the pop stars estate, Howard Weitzman.

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New big screen role from Eminem

EminemEminem is going to star in Shady Talez, which is a forthcoming 3D horror film.

Eminem will helm the movie with the Dallas Jackson and Producer John Davis, who worked on I, Robot.
The script will be written by Kevin Grevioux the Underworlds producer. Moreover, this project will appear as four comic books next year.

The films release schedule has been already announced. The last time Eminem appeared on the big screen in his semi-autobiographical movie 8 Mile.

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Elton John recovered

EltonFinally, Elton John has recovered. Lastly Elton was forced to cancel several world tour dates due to the flu.
He is out of hospital now after suffering from illness.
The singer plans to start to play on November 14.
Thus on November 14, Elton John will play with Billy Joel at the Oakland Oracle Arena. The pair has canceled the gig at the Seattle Key Arena on November 4 and also they kicked off two more gigs because of the Johns health condition.

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