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    • Pameliitha
    • Posted 09-09-2014 23:19
    NYC AUGUST ROCK BAND Highly recommend if you enjoy good music!Well crtfaed, great melodies & lyrics, and some good old tasty licks .One album you won't find yourself skipping over tracks My favorite Never Give It Up .Treat yourself!
    • Alisson
    • Posted 11-09-2014 14:15
    I also saw the Soul City Church write up, too very, very interesting and exticing, I think. Chicago is a big city I pray that God blesses their outreach by whatever means works to reach the people there who need Christ.Just want to say that I don't think we should feel compelled to chose between high tech, low touch and low tech, high touch , which is an either/or' mind set. I truly believe we should employ a both/and' approach. Use the best of both outreach styles there are people in need in both worlds.
    • Zakaria
    • Posted 13-09-2014 19:34
    The abiilty to think like that is always a joy to behold [url=]przccjvli[/url] [link=]rdstmlvk[/link]

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