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Van Atta High

Van Atta High
Said to be where only the strong survive and the land "Where everybody waits inline", New Jersey is home to harsh petro chemicals, 3 a.m. Diner visits, and Van Atta High. A five piece screamo/post hardcore band hailing from Bergen County, New Jersey. Originating during June 2006, with the full potential of conquering their goals, and creating the sickest fan base known to man. Within just a few short months, Van Atta High has played a good amount of shows all over the tristate area with some big names.




    • Johnni
    • Posted 07-04-2013 23:15
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    • lsjdaiwoe
    • Posted 08-04-2013 18:19
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    • ctaklwbtdh
    • Posted 10-04-2013 20:44
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